About Red Line District Cosmetics

About Red Line District Cosmetics

Two deliciously deviant minds came together to conceive a cosmetics line with a hint of naughtiness and a dash of lust. The result: the world’s first “Uncensored Humor ” selection of lipsticks and lip gloss aptly titled “RLD Cosmetics”.

The essence of RLD Cosmetics is celebrating one’s natural allure and sensuality, while promoting responsible and safe sexual activity. RLD Cosmetics also champions causes and foundations that raise awareness and funds for HIV/AIDS and breast cancer treatment and research.

Our innovation and brand expansion never come at the expense of the welfare of either animals, or our environment. RLD Cosmetics products are not tested on animals at any stage of development, and are completely paraben-free. Our provocative line is also housed in eco-friendly boxes.

Our sense of flirtatious sexuality and willingness to push the envelope runs through every aspect of our branding, products and messaging. RLD Cosmetics is beauty with unapologetic edge, designed to ignite raw passion, bring out your inner vixen, and transport you to the Red Line District.

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*All products are U.S. manufactured, prepared in accordance with Good Manufacturing Procedure (GMP), and in a facility fully compliant with all relevant FDA guidelines. All manufacturing facilities for RLD Cosmetics are also set up and operated in accordance with PCPC Quality Assurance Guidelines, guaranteeing all products are of the highest quality.